About Our Restaurant

Founded in 2021, Meat Moot has successfully established 37 locations across 14 countries worldwide, and we continue to diligently pursue the execution of our growth strategy, aiming to penetrate new markets.

We are headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. At Meat Moot Restaurant, you will sit at a king’s banquet, you will be presented with a feast of garnished meat cooked following world-class recipes that will always leave you wanting more. Traditional continues to meet modern in our kitchen, where a state-of-the-art cooking facility lies next to a meat curing facility.

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Our History

Established in 2021, we now have Meat Moot locations in 14 countries around the world. We are headquartered Istanbul, Turkey. Meat Moot is an exciting rather newly established restaurant brand, which expands very successfully and rapidly internationally. We are introducing a whole new concept of great smoked meat to the market and combining casual dining with great and fast service.


Istanbul - Turkey | Cairo - Egypt | Amman - Jordan | Doha - Qatar | Kuwait City - Kuwait | Dubai - United Arab Emirates | Erbil - Iraq | Chicago - USA | Manama - Bahrain | Michigan - United States | El Sahel El Shamally - Egypt | Ramallah - Palestine | Buraydah - Saudi Arabia | Riyadh - Saudi Arabia | Algiers - Algeria | Irbid - Jordan | Abu Dhabi - UAE | Dabouq - Jordan | Benghazi - Libya | Trabzon - Turkey | Muscat - Oman | Zarqa - Jordan | New Jersey - USA | Tabuk - Saudi Arabia | Miami - USA

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Atmosphere of Our Restaurant

The warm, industrial decor draws on cues from traditional Istanbul butcher shops, and the usage of warm wood, stainless steel, and dark marble.

The space succeeds in being simultaneously rustic, inviting, and luxurious with rich details. Interior details include an homage to a traditional “meat locker” interior with finished walnut planks covering the length of the dining room wall.

The unique experience for guests is complemented by the creative interior design of all branches of Meat Moot restaurants, which accentuates to the restaurant’s warm atmosphere and integrates the iconic wooden material inspired by the restaurant’s identity that provides relaxation and tranquility.

The soothing quiet music brings comfort while the guests indulge and unwind. From big details down to the small intricate ones have been given a thoughtful consideration to provide a wonderful and unforgettable dining experience.

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